Why Join the Fargo Moorhead Builders Exchange?

We post an average of 20 new projects per day.
Last year we hosted 5148 projects with bidding documents. 
We have made it simple, more open, and less time consuming.
We've hidden the complexities in the code. No youtube videos needed to learn our system.
We have the industry's most versatile notification systems.
We use visual cues to help our members efficiently filter information to focus on the projects that matter to them.
Currently Bidding

Your Time Is Valuable

We want to reduce how much time you have to spend using the planroom.
By opening our data stream, we are able to push out more pertinent, accurate information

in real-time as things are added or changed in the planroom.

An email digest in the evening is old news when you see it the next morning!
Update Notices Delivered Last 30 Days

State of the art planroom

Save Time-Save Money

We have developed our system from the ground up to save you time and effort by efficiently, accurately, and quickly pushing information out to our members.

It's feature rich and very powerful, yet simple enough to use and learn thatyoutube videos are unnecessary. 

Infinite search combinations

Unlimited Possibilities
Search any combination of the following:
  • City
  • State
  • County
  • Title
  • Work Divisions
  • TOC Keyword/CSI Code

Plan your schedule by selecting a bid date range.
See what was posted while you were gone by using the Posted Date Range.

Any combination will yield results

Live Project Notifications

Only 3 Steps to Live Notifications! 
How many does your current solution take?
  1. Run your search/filter on the project list.
  2. Click the RSS Icon.
  3. Add it Outlook.

You will now receive notifications of new projects that match your searches.

Set up as many as you want!

The challenge with a single search is the variety of projects makes it impossible to find everything in one go. We suggest setting up as many micro-feeds as necessary to cover all possibilities. We'd rather you see a pertinent project a couple times in your feeds instead of not at all. 


The industry's only social network

Continuing the Long Tradition of Industry Networking

We have seamlessly integrated the industry's only social network with our planroom.

Create your own network of co-workers, suppliers and contractors to easily share information.

A single click from the project list will add that project to your social feed. By default, this is shared with your connections but you can decide to narrow that to just yourself, or broaden it to the entire user base. 

Share pictures, files, information with everyone, just your connections, or no one. 

Create dedicated groups and invite people to join. Set the group to private invite only, private but people can ask to join, or public. Within the group you can share ideas, information, and files. Have discussions, send announcements and create events. The possibilities are endless.

The best networking options in the industry! Invite anyone, even non-exchange members to connect with you on the social side.

Timeline Update Notifications

Instant - Monitored Email Delivery

Subscribe to the projects you are interested in and receive email notifications instantly as the project is updated.

The notifications are designed to keep you up to date and save valuable time and money.

Many will include the update document as an attachment.

Evening email digests don't help you much if an addendum is released the day before a bid. 

Time matters!

The realities of search

We don't limit you.

Despite what you may have been told by other planrooms....there is no single way to search
and find everything because there are too many variables.

If google can't do text search at 100%, there is no way a planroom can.