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With a dedicated, efficient staff and innovative services, the Fargo Moorhead Builders Exchange is here to serve our members and the commercial construction industry!


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Congrats 2021 FMBX Scholarship recipients!

Cannon Swanson attending North Dakota State University
Nicholas Olien attending North Dakota State University
Anna Robinette attending North Dakota State University
Cameron Zuniga attending North Dakota State University
Braden Anderson attending North Dakota State University
Paige King attending North Dakota State University
Grace DeJong attending North Dakota State University
Jeron Sheldon attending the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Connor Twidwell attending Minnesota State University Moorhead
Logan Prochnow attending North Dakota State College of Science
Rylan Leischnor attending South Dakota State University

We wish all of these students the best in their education and future career decisions.
Our industry partners and member companies look forward to an expanding workforce!

Can your competitors spy on your usage?

Privacy Should Be A Right

Many planrooms have sold out by allowing your competitors to spy on your activity. If you ask, they may call it a feature to be able to "research" other companies that use their platform.It's not a feature. It's an invasion of your privacy.  Ask your current provider if you can turn it off so your competitors can not "research" your activity but don't be surprised by their answer. 

Our platform puts you in control of your information. You can share with the world, other members, your network, or no one at all. You decide!

Does you current provider give you that choice? They should....we do.

Your right to privacy is baked into our platform.


We are active in the local not-for-profit world and in the construction industry.


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The Basic Membership option allows members access to our physical planroom. Additionally, members with this package are able to view a list of projects with access to addenda when visiting the Virtual Planroom. 


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$ 1250 per year

Membership Year is July 1st through June 30th

The Online Membership includes all of the basic services.  In addition, these members have electronic access to all bidding documents including specifications and blueprints for every project when visiting the Virtual Planroom.  



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Organized in 1904, the founders of the Fargo-Moorhead Builders and Traders Exchange, Inc (FMBX) wanted a way to improve communications among the many builders and traders that made up the building industry in the area. In 1912, the FMBX was incorporated and became a not-for-profit, member-only organization. Over 100 years after our humble beginning we continue to offer builders and contractors cutting edge and valuable tools to assist them in the bidding process. The FMBX is essentially a library for actively bidding commercial construction projects. Our association provides a physical planroom as well as a 24/7 online planroom. With the upgraded online membership, members can view all project related documents, including full sets of plans and specifications, without ever leaving their home or office!