Why send us your projects?

Simply put, results. We have an extremely engaged membership across all segments of the construction process. Our members range from large to small, covering all of the upper midwest.

We are efficient, fast, accurate, and dedicated to getting your project documents processed and in front of our growing membership, resulting in competitive bids and quality work for your clients.

Enter FMBX as the password when prompted.


Project File Distribution

We have a reliable, efficient, trackable system for sending your project to 18 additional regional exchanges to get you the broadest exposure possible.

Simply tell us who you want the documents to go to and our system will handle the rest.

Saving You Time

Document Accuracy

We Do Not Change Your Documents

We put them through a process that separates the specifications based on your TOC and titles the plans based on the sheet index, if one exists. 

We add a prefix to the file names to ensure the files stay in the correct order....again based on your TOC.

We do this to allow our members to quickly find the specification sections and plans that matter to them.

Timeline Update Notifications

Instant - Monitored Email Delivery

Members interested in your project can subscribe and receive email notifications instantly as the project is updated.

The notifications are designed to keep them up to date.

Many will include the update document as an attachment.

Time Matters!

Live Project Notifications

A Project Feed Just For Your Projects

In three simple steps our members can subscribe to a dedicated notification feed of your new projects.

They receive notifications for every project you send us.

The feed is pinged each time the member's Outlook checks for new mail. If a new project is detected the information is retrieved directly to their Outlook. This ensures your project gets in front of the member sooner. 

Enhancing Engagement

The industry's only social network

Continuing the Long Tradition of Industry Networking

We have seamlessly integrated the industry's only social network with our planroom.

Members can create their own network of co-workers, suppliers and contractors to easily share information.

A single click from the project list will add that project to their social feed. By default, this is shared with their connections.

The best networking options in the industry! Invite anyone, even non-exchange members to connect with you on the social side.

Broadening The Exposure For Your Projects

Addendum Cut To The Front Of The Line


Update Notices Delivered Last 30 Days

We processed 4957 addendum in 2023.

Most were processed within 1 hour of receipt. 

Member Engagement


Member Actions Past 7 Days

Our members are extremely engaged bringing broad exposure for your projects.

Projects are often viewed within minutes.


We strive to get your project processed and posted within one business day of receipt. 

Enter FMBX as the password when prompted.