FMBX offers two different membership options. 

  • Basic (Includes Addenda):    $340 annually
    The Basic Membership option allows members access to our physical planroom, photocopiers and fax machine at the Exchange. Additionally, members with this package are able to view a list of projects on file at the Exchange, when visiting the Virtual Planroom.  Addenda access is also included in this level of membership. This level does not pro-rate throughout the year.
  • Upgraded Full Online:         $1,250 annually
    Members with the Online Membership include all of the basic services.  In addition, these members have electronic access to all bidding documents including specifications and blueprints for every project when visiting the Virtual Planroom.  This level does pro-rate throughout the year.

The annual membership fees run from July 1st through June 30th.


Membership applications may be submitted in person, via postal services, by fax, or by email. Please note that membership cannot be activated until membership fees are paid and all required forms are received. Please contact the Exchange with any questions you may have.

Click HERE for additional information about the FMBX.

Click HERE for a membership application for the FMBX.

To make changes to your existing membership, click HERE for a membership update packet for the FMBX.